Want to play Cyberpunk, Ghost Runner through a set-top box? Here’s how 5G will help

Reliance Jio, one of the telecom operators to roll out 5G services, has come up with a first of its kind cloud gaming services. In this cloud gaming, a person can play high-end games on the set-top box and all you need is just a stable internet connection with speed up to 30 mbps.

This is something new, as gamers would know that to play such heavy and high-end games, one earlier needed to have a heavy machine plus a lot of storage space. Also needed was a high-end CPU. But now with games being played on a set-top box, all requirements of storage space, high-end CPU have completely been done away with.

As far as the pricing is concerned, Jio has brought it down by levying a monthly recharge.

Now with cloud gaming, one can play popular games such as Cyberpunk, Ghost Runner, and Apex Legends using a set-top box. With the 5G network launched today, you can play these heavy games without any hardware and with almost no lag. You can play these games lag free with the Jio controller.

With 5G, the speed of the internet will increase significantly, and e-sports in India, which is heavily dependent on low latency, will drastically improve.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched 5G in India at the sixth edition of India Mobile Congress 2022, today. 5G will offer speeds that are multiple times faster than 4G, as well as support lag-free connectivity. It will allow ultra-low latency connections allowing downloading of full-length and high-quality videos or movies within seconds – even in crowded areas. 5G is expected to enable solutions for e-health, mobile cloud gaming, connected vehicles, immersive augmented reality and metaverse experiences.

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