You Should Be Using More Lube

I love lube. To me, having sex without lube is like brushing your teeth with a dry toothbrush. It might get the job done, but the result is … sticky, kind of painful, and doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed. Lube is not an optional luxury that sits in the bedside drawer waiting for the “right … Read more

Best Sonos Setup (2022): Which Speakers and Soundbars Should You Buy?

Here at WIRED, we like Sonos speakers. We really do. Throughout the past decade, we’ve reviewed all of the company’s wirelessly connectable speakers, from its small shelf speakers to its TV soundbars, and we’ve recommended every one of them. But turning your home into a Sonos-powered shrine to sound isn’t cheap. Like Apple products, Sonos … Read more

Das Keyboard MacTigr Review: Just My Type

Fans of mechanical keyboards who are also Windows users have life pretty easy. There are enough readymade PC keyboard choices out there to bridge the English Channel, and the Windows user craving the responsiveness, springiness, and sensory satisfaction of a good mechanical needs only to close their eyes and point. Mac users have a harder … Read more

7 Best Carpet Cleaners (2022): Budget, Spot Cleaners, Hard Floors

There is a lot to think about when shopping for or using a carpet cleaner, such as how much space you’ll need for storage and whether you should rent or buy. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Carpet cleaners are heavy and bulky, especially when filled with water. They can be harder to … Read more

Ditch Your USB-A Dongle and Embrace the USB-C Life

I’ve had something of a tricky relationship with dongles. Specifically, the humble USB-A dongle—the little thing you plug into your desktop or laptop computer to make wireless peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets, work. These little things have caused me no end of sleepless nights, emotional anguish, and personal turmoil.  They look and feel extremely … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Review: Annoyingly Laggy

It’s not a good sign when you’ve thought about throwing your smartphone out the window. Not because of—well, *gestures at everything*— but because it’s just so frustrating to use. I went out to dinner recently, and a colleague—who was using a six-year-old iPhone SE—pointed out how slow my brand-new phone was. I was ready to … Read more

25 Work From Home Gift Ideas: Chairs, Desks, Webcams, and Peripherals

More than 27 million Americans work from home. Not having to waste hours with a commute has been a game-changer for those of us punching the clock from afar, but working in the same place you live can make it difficult to maintain boundaries between the spaces where you toil and the spaces where you … Read more

203 Cyber Monday Deals Still Going Strong Right Now

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189 Absolute Best Cyber Monday Deals Right Now (2022): Away Luggage, AirPods Pro, and More

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