Modified Purple Tomato May Be Coming to Your Grocery Store

Sept. 23, 2022 — No matter how you slice it, a genetically engineered purple tomato just got one step closer to showing up in U.S. grocery stores. The U.K. company developing the new purple fruit has passed a first test with U.S. regulators, demonstrating that genetic changes to the tomatoes do not expose the plants … Read more

Russia has mobilized. What happens now? – POLITICO

Vladimir Putin has gone nuclear. Admittedly, things have not been going well. Kyiv’s counter-offensive has retaken thousands of kilometers of Russian-held territory in eastern Ukraine; Moscow’s troops have fled the front lines; dissent from previously loyal pundits has increased; and criticism (oblique though it may be) has even emanated from his pals in Beijing and … Read more

Ukraine’s wins turn focus back on Europe’s waning military aid – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Ukraine’s swift battlefield advances are forcing European governments to once again confront an uncomfortable question: Will they significantly boost weapons deliveries?  It’s a touchy subject in many European capitals, where the energy crisis and cost-of-living woes have dominated public attention over the past weeks, prompting warnings of war … Read more