Why Your Organization Should Join the IEEE Standards Association

In our pilot study, we draped a thin, flexible electrode array over the surface of the volunteer’s brain. The electrodes recorded neural signals and sent them to a speech decoder, which translated the signals into the words the man intended to say. It was the first time a paralyzed person who couldn’t speak had used … Read more

Why Sensors Are Key IoT Cybersecurity

In the lab’s back room, another model shows the second half of the concept: There, the e-nose sensor transmits its signal to a small array of electrodes taken from a cochlear implant. For people with hearing loss, such implants feed information about sound to the inner ear and then to the brain. The implant is … Read more

Is AI Good for Health Care?

With the rush toward using tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technologies to analyze health data for insights, questions are being raised about how good a job the technologies are doing to improve outcomes. Technologists, clinicians, researchers, scientists, ethicists, policy stewards, and other experts offer their thoughts during the third season … Read more