MLB Analyst Conducted An Intriguing Aaron Judge Poll

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With Aaron Judge approaching history and the New York Yankees playing host to their heated rivals, the Boston Red Sox, things are getting exciting in the Bronx.

The Yankees also punched their ticket to the postseason with a win last night.

But until they win the AL East, assuming that Judge’s historic home runs come before then, then that will be what Yankees fans want to see.

It’ll be the talk of the town.

On Twitter, former MLB broadcaster Steve Phillips conducted a fan poll posing the question of whether or not you would want to be the pitcher that surrenders Judge’s 62nd home run, if he does in fact reach 62.


MLB Analyst Poses Interesting Question

Obviously, most people who took part in the poll answered no, and understandably so.

But it wasn’t exactly a landslide, for 44.8% of people answered yes.

Perhaps being a part of a historic moment has somewhat of an allure, but most fans decided that they wouldn’t want to be part of that history for the wrong reasons.

Plus, when somebody hits a historic home run, nobody is really paying attention to who gave up the home run.

When fans look back on it years later, they don’t discuss who the pitcher was that surrendered the home run.

They remember who hit it, what it means for them, and what it means for the history of baseball.

That’s what people choose to focus on.

But this is an interesting poll and there are compelling arguments for both sides here.

On one hand, you would be a part of history, but it would be for the wrong reasons.

On the other hand, no one would really remember you as the pitcher who gave it up.

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