Colbie Caillat reacts to “Bubbly” being Stetson Bennett’s hype song

Stetson Bennett let out a sheepish chuckle when he said it.

He knew his August 29 revelation about what songs comprise his pregame routine would be perceived as a little quirky.

“Yeah, I’ve got one,” Bennett paused while avoiding eye contact with reporters who had asked him about his pregame playlist.

“I don’t know if I should say it but,” he said, all the while knowing he had already committed to revealing the latest quirk from the brash underdog turned enigmatic superstar.

“It’s ‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat,” Bennett divulged.

He smiled. He tilted his head up with pride.

“I love that song,” Bennett said. “That’s my song,” he said, now beaming with a cheeky grin.

“Bubbly” breaks the stereotype for a pregame sports hype song. It is a gentle guitar and sweet voice cohesively describing the feeling of falling in love.

UGASports sent the video of Bennett’s news conference to Caillat and interviewed her about a new interpretation of her hit song 15 years later.

“It is something you least expect, right? But I think it is the sweetest thing,” Caillat said. “I love how charming and sincere he was in his response.”

Caillat followed Bennett on Instagram and has messaged with the star quarterback.

“He let me know it gets him in a good place mentally rather than getting revved up, it helps him think clearly,” she said.

Bennett did tell reporters the next song on his pregame playlist is “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. His music taste matches Caillat’s.

“I love that song so much,” Caillat exclaimed. “I, literally, I listen to Biggie before I go on stage. That’s funny. It hypes me up for sure.”

Bennett was only nine and a half years old when “Bubbly” was released in 2007. Now an elder statesman by college football standards, Bennett displays the confidence that helped him leap from lovable underdog to a national champion and Heisman Trophy contender.

While Caillat isn’t a regular football spectator, she said that confidence Bennett has is infectious.

“I love that he was vulnerable and shared that,” Caillat said of Bennett. “He was so sincere. It made me feel good and I hope it inspires people to speak their truth.”

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