Cobra Kai’s Dallas Dupree Young talks preparation and Terry Silver

CObra Kai, Dalla Dupree Young, interview

Cobra Kai V has finally premiered on Netflix, and our own Chris Bumbray has had the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion with the cast! Here, we ask Dallas Dupree Young about his experience on the show as newcomer, Kenny Payne.

Chris: I want to ask you about the big fight scenes. What kind of preparation goes into those? Do you have a martial arts background coming into the show? Cause you certainly look like you kick some ass on screen!

Dallas: I appreciate that, first off! I do have a little martial arts background, but, uh, the last time I did martial arts before this show was whenever I was 5 years old. So, I didn’t really remember it back there. But it was just muscle memory for me when I started to get back into that mode. But for me, my preparation is definitely I try to listen to pump music. For me, it’s a song called “Remember the Name.” Every time I need to get excited, get pumped up, especially if I’m in a down mood, I listen to that song and I’m ready! I stay focused. I stay in my own head. I just figure out where my character is. Where his mindset is at the time of the scene.

Chris: I really like the chemistry between you and Thomas Ian Griffith this season. And there was kinda like a father-son thing going on cause I think Terry saw a lot of himself in your character. And I find that, even though Terry’s the bad guy, I did have some sympathy for him. Do you think that a part of him wanted something that was good for your character?

Dallas: Yeah, I believe, in Terry’s mind, he wants whats best for Kenny through and through. I believe he trusts Kenny’s instincts at all times. And that relationship between the two is so complex, but it was very special and it meant a lot to Kenny’s future and the identity of Kenny and who Kenny was. But yeah, I just think their relationship was strong and it was powerful and that’s why Kenny was the way he was in season five and the evolution of Kenny.

Cobra Kai is currently available on Netflix. Stay tuned for more!

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