A solid performer which shows why Intel’s hybrid architecture is the future- Technology News, Firstpost

Mehul Reuben DasNov 29, 2022 18:03:44 IST Pros– Outright Performance– Pricing compared to competitors– Larger Cache and Core Count– Overclockability and overclocking headroom– Solid multicore and single-core performance– Hybrid Architecture– Compatible with previous gen Chipset– Just marginally more expensive than last gen i5 12600K for a ton of more performance Cons– Draws more power than … Read more

The Best iPhone Apps of 2022, According to Apple – Review Geek

Apple Today, Apple announced the 2022 App Store Award winners. The company highlighted 16 apps that “inspired users to engage more deeply with the world, expand their imaginations, and stay connected to friends and loved ones.” Award categories include apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Best iPhone Apps Apple Apple’s best … Read more

Apple Music’s year-end roundup, Replay, is a little better this year

Best of 2022 lists and end-of-year recaps are just around the corner, including Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform’s flashy interactive feature that’s become an annual tradition that overtakes social media for a few solid days. Its main competitor, Apple Music, made some charts for listeners, too, and comes with some changes this time around. Apple … Read more

China launches crew to its space station

Comment on this story Comment China on Tuesday launched a trio of taikonauts to its recently completed space station, another in a series of significant milestones for a country that has big ambitions in space and is rivaling the prowess of the United States. The launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China … Read more

AI’s ‘SolarWinds Moment’ Will Occur; It’s Just a Matter of When – O’Reilly

Major catastrophes can transform industries and cultures. The Johnstown Flood, the sinking of the Titanic, the explosion of the Hindenburg, the flawed response to Hurricane Katrina–each had a lasting impact. Even when catastrophes don’t kill large numbers of people, they often change how we think and behave. The financial collapse of 2008 led to tighter … Read more

The Transistor at 75 – IEEE Spectrum

Indeed, they could. The engineers grew a heat-wicking diamond layer right on top of individual transistors—their hottest points—as well as on their sides. Heat flowed through the diamond to a heat sink on the back of the device. With this technique, the researchers achieved temperatures 100 degrees Celsius lower without any degradation of the device’s … Read more

Scientists Reexamine Why Zebra Stripes Mysteriously Repel Flies

For the current study, Tombak, then a PhD candidate at Princeton, and her team wanted to test stripe width to see if narrower ones might be even more repulsive to flies—a potential evolutionary advantage that would explain the difference between zebra species. They also restricted their experiment to close-range encounters to rule out the theory … Read more