High-Performance Textile Leading the Evolution in High-Tech Sportswear

Today, the global sports scenario is becoming increasingly competitive, and various popular sports such as football, basketball, and cricket have achieved a peak in terms of popularity and as a career option. Major international sporting events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, SAF Games, and Wimbledon attract the best athletes in the globe.

Hence, a lot of effort is being put into enhancing the performance of the athletes. Apart from rigorous training, optimum nutrition and efficient sportswear is an essential factor that support the performance of athletes.

Sportswear made with advanced fabrics can aid athletes in maintaining or even enhancing their performance in several ways, including enhancing their thermal physiology, supporting their movements with the ideal ratio of elastic and compressive structures, or using embedded sensors to track activity and physiological status.

Figure 1 Advanced fabric manufacturing machine

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