A Nuggets Superstar Is Promising Greatness

(Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images)


We haven’t seen Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets play a game of professional basketball in more than a year.

Murray has been recovering from an ACL injury that kept him sidelined.

Without him, the team certainly struggled, even with the leadership and awe-inspiring skill of MVP Nikola Jokic.

Jokic was leading the way and was making fans happy but all Nuggets followers were eagerly anticipating Murray’s return.

That return is almost here.

Murray is set to come back to his team when the 2022-23 season starts next month.

It’s not only fans who are ready to have Murray on the court again: the star hopped on Twitter to put it simply, saying, “Bout to be an exciting year of hoops.”

Those who love the Nuggets sure hope that Murray is right because they have been waiting for this moment.


Murray’s Moment

Before his injury, Murray was putting up double-digits in every single game.

He left the league with an average of 21.2 points a game.

His two-point percentage was 52.3% while he was 40.8% from three.

He was also a great team leader and facilitator; watching him on the court alongside Jokic was a sight to behold.

The Nuggets have had a tough time without Murray even though Jokic has been trying as hard as he can.

Now with Murray back in uniform, the team officially has one of the best centers in the league along with one of the most impressive guards too.

The good news is that Murray isn’t coming back alone.

Michael Porter Jr., who has also been out for a long stretch due to injury, is set to return to the Nuggets too.

Things are really looking up for Denver.

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